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About JIDA

Jida Logistics Equipment(Changchun) Co.,Ltd. is your one-stop partner for shipping pallets and storage containers. Our mission is to provide top quality warehouse and material handling products at competitive prices . We commit that we will realize 100% customer satisfaction!


1.We will strictly produce the items according to the modified design.
2.All these items you received are completely the same quality as the sample we sent before.
3.Third party offer credit guarantee service, any delay of delivery goods or bad quality, they will compensation your lost at once.


Company Strength:
We own reach experience technician team of nearly 70 colleagues, which ranked first in pallet and box design and manufacture field. We have deep understanding ability for your project and rich experience for product definition, development, manufacture and service.


At the same time, we have high-end manufacture craft and more than 100 skillful and experienced workers.

Jida Logistics Equipment (Changchun) Co., Ltd. is your faithfulness partner.



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