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Product Name: Foldable Metal Cage Pallet
Product Specifications:1200*1000*690mm 1200*800*640mm 1000*800*640mm 1100
Product Description:

JIDA company according to your needs and existing design drawings, most tailored to meet the metal box pallets and cage pallets you use.

Customized trays can meet the needs of the vast majority of customers.

Durable products can save you the cost of storage and transportation, but also better protect your product.

Streamline your production and storage facilities with these purpose made pallet boxes

   Key  Features   


  • Heavy duty 1/1.5 tons load capacity
  • Made from Q235 steel, all welded construction with power coating or galvanizing finish
  • Easily collapsible for space saving during transport
  • Assembled without tools in seconds
  • Fixed wall types also available
  • Fitted with drop down access gates allowing easy access to the base, even when stacked
  • Can be transported by Forklift or Pallet Trolley
  • Can be stacked up to 4 high
  • Ideal for storage of finished parts and work in progress


   Standard  Dimensions   


Length (mm) Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Loading (kg)

Feet Height (mm)


Entry Type
1200 1000 130 1000 100 Power coated / galvanized 2-way / 4-way
1100 1100 130 1000 100
1200 1200 210 1500 100
1100 1000 2100 1500 100


* Other sizes or custom sizes are available, please contact us for pricing and sizes meeting your exact requirements.


Our Pallet Boxes are also available with following options:

  • Wheel kits
  • Lids
  • PP sheet side covers
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